When the federal government decides to put money into the gun industry, it will be the largest in Canadian history, says former prime minister Harper

By The Canadian Press/David DonnellyPublished May 05, 2018 06:10:49The federal government will spend $50 billion over 10 years to buy billions of rounds of ammunition and other ammunition products, in what will be Canada’s largest ammunition purchase ever, according to the government’s chief of staff, Peter Van Loan.

In a press release, the government said it will purchase more than 2 billion rounds of rounds, which will be used to train military, police, corrections and military units.

The ammunition will be sold through the Canadian Firearms Association, which represents firearms manufacturers and distributors, and through the Canada Revenue Agency, the federal agency responsible for administering tax.

Van Loan said the ammunition will help improve the lethality of the Canadian military, which has been battling an ongoing series of assaults on soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“I am proud that this will be one of the largest purchases of ammunition in Canadian military history,” Van Loan said in the release.

“We will be able to meet the increasing demands of the troops by reducing the risk of a firearm attack.

We will also ensure that our soldiers have the ammunition they need to protect them in the field.”

Federal officials said in a release that the ammunition purchase will result in more than 1.5 million new rounds of ammo being made available for purchase by Canada’s Armed Forces, which is estimated to be at least $20 billion.

“The ammunition is essential to the operations of the military and the Canadian Armed Forces as they fight our enemies across the globe,” Van Dam said.

“This purchase will also help ensure that Canada remains a leader in the global firearms industry.”

The ammunition purchase is part of a $1.6 billion stimulus package that the government unveiled Monday, including $1 billion for the country’s ammunition industry.

The announcement comes after the Harper government announced a $2.4 billion investment to help the industry and help reduce firearm-related deaths and injuries in the country.

Van Dam said Monday that this money will allow the government to “build on the momentum of this investment.”

The Canadian Rifle Association, the countrys largest trade group, said in its release that a $50-billion purchase will “add $3 billion to our industry and create jobs.”

“The federal spending on ammunition is a welcome boost to the industry, as it is an important tool in supporting the country in its effort to meet our obligations to our national defence,” the group said in an emailed statement.

“We look forward to seeing the money being spent wisely and ensuring the ammunition industry continues to thrive.”

The federal budget was tabled Monday in the House of Commons.

The government is spending $9.5 billion on its gun agenda, which includes $3.5-billion on training the Canadian Forces and $2 billion on training and upgrading their equipment.

The Harper government has also spent $2-billion to hire more than 700 new police officers.

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