NFL’s latest deal could save the league millions of dollars: NFL’s chief financial officer

The NFL has struck a new deal with the NFL Players Association that will save the NFL billions of dollars in fees.

The agreement is expected to be announced this week, but it will not be officially announced until Thursday.

It’s the first major league sports league to sign a long-term agreement with a labor union, and it could save NFL players and their unions millions in fees, according to league sources.

The deal will be in addition to the league’s existing contracts with the players and the NFLPA.

The new deal is expected at the conclusion of the Super Bowl, the sources said.

The NFLPA has been trying to convince the league to change its stance on player protests, and some NFL players have been critical of players taking part in the national anthem in protest of racial injustice.

The league’s contract with the union will provide for the possibility of players being suspended for a year if they don’t agree to take part in a protest.

The new deal will allow for the NFL to use money from the new television rights deal to pay players to participate in the anthem.

The NFLPA, meanwhile, is looking to use the new money to pay player-friendly concessions to the players.

The union also wants to increase the salary cap to $180 million, and will look to increase player safety.

The union has pushed for a new contract to allow the players to hold free agency and play at the highest level.

The last major league player contract to expire was the 2009 collective bargaining agreement that allowed players to opt out of the collective bargaining system.

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