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Now Playing: Trump’s latest tweet shows he’s not above lying Now Playing ‘Trump just told us we are in ‘danger’: CNN’s Anderson Cooper Now Playing Trump says ‘there is no doubt’ he wants to get rid of ISIS Now Playing What Trump said about ISIS: CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Now Playing How a group of women came together to fight ISIS Now Play Trump says he’s ‘not worried’ about Mueller probe: Fox News Now Playing Mueller is not investigating the president’s ties to Russia Now Playing CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Trump was wrong to say ‘there was no collusion’ with Russia Now Play ‘This is not the first time this administration has tried to use the Justice Department to try to get things done’: White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Now Playing Comey’s testimony about Russian meddling in the 2016 election Now Playing Sen. Tim Kaine: Trump and his administration have ‘lost the argument’ Now Playing Is Trump lying about the Russia probe?

Now Playing A look at what the next few months have in store for Trump’s presidency Now Playing GOP congressman: ‘It would be better to have somebody else take the oath of office’ Now Play Senate Republicans say the GOP’s ‘legislative agenda’ is on track Now Playing Why did Trump say the ‘Russia story’ was ‘fake news’?

Now Playing Ryan, Pelosi say they ‘love’ Trump’s ‘willingness to work with Democrats’ Now What’s at stake in Trump’s tax plan?

Now What will Trump do about Trump’s health care bill?

Now Now Watch: The House has passed Trump’s $1.9 trillion tax bill Now Watch Republicans push Trump to release transcripts of the private meeting where he discussed healthcare Now Watch ‘Trump is just telling us we have to be ready’: CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper

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