How much do you earn for a month of CNN Money?

If you’ve ever wondered how much you make, CNN Money can help.

According to the data compiled by CNN Money, it costs $16 per month to cover your news coverage, including everything from hosting and programming to digital marketing, PR, advertising, production, distribution and even hosting.

However, the site does not disclose how much each individual article costs, or the total number of ads each ad receives. 

CNN Money also provides a breakdown of how much it costs to cover a specific news story and how much its costs to get that news story covered.

The data does not break out the costs of producing content like documentaries or TV news segments.

However you use the site, CNN says, it should be clear that it costs about $16 a month to stay current with the news.”CNN Money’s data is compiled by a team of over 1,000 CNN Money journalists, editors and researchers.

We take a snapshot of the news landscape and break it down to make it easy to understand and compare,” the company said in a statement.

“CNN Money provides the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date data about the media landscape in America.”

CNN Money’s CEO and co-founder, Andrew K. Marcus, said in an email that he and the network’s managing editor have made it a point to share their data with the public. 

“Our goal is to help readers and policymakers make better, more informed decisions,” he said.

“We’ve made it easy for readers to see the data, and our goal is for you to use it to make informed decisions as well.” provides the data that CNNMoney uses. 

The site also provides an interactive timeline of the last month’s news coverage. 

When you enter a story title, the next two items are added to the top of the page.

For example, if you click on you can see the news coverage from January 11, 2016, through January 20, 2016. 

 CNNMoney’s interactive timeline can also be used to see which stories were picked up by the news outlets that picked them up. 

In addition to CNNMoney, CNNMoney’s parent company, CNN Media, publishes CNN Money Weekly, CNN’s quarterly newsletter. 

Follow Ryan Saavedra on Twitter: @ryan_saavedra CNN’s CEO, Andrew Marcus, is the co-CEO of TheBlaze and CNN Media.

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