Free money order for animals crossing the US border

We have free money orders for animals who want to cross the border to the US.

We can give money orders to any pet that can be picked up at a US border crossing.

The order can be placed online, or by phone or mail.

The order can include the following: money for vet bills, pet insurance, medications, or medications for the pet.

The animals must be over 18 months old and not in a physical danger.

They must also be accompanied by a proof of age.

We offer our money orders at a number of locations.

The locations range from locations where you can pick up your order in person to locations where we can take it to you.

The animals must have their own transportation and be transported by their own animal carrier.

The animal must be picked out and transported by a licensed driver.

The amount of money you can put on the order is dependent on the size of the animal and the size the animal needs.

If the animal cannot be transported safely, we will send you an additional $25 per day.

For larger animals that require more transportation, we may send the order to a pet food store, pet grooming store, or a licensed pet food or grooming facility.

For smaller animals that need less transportation, there is a $25 fee per day if the order exceeds $1,000.

The pet food, grooming, or pet food and grooming facilities we can send you are listed below.

If you would like to order a smaller animal, please send an email to [email protected]

We have no involvement with the animals.

We will not refund the order if the animals are returned to the United States.

For more information on our free money order program, go to

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