CNBC’s Carl Icahn on why the world will have to pay more for gas: ‘It’s a little bit scary’

CNBC’s “CNBC Money” program reported that Carl Icahns views on fracking have “taken a sharp turn” from “disgusted by the gas” to “disappointed” about the way the gas is being used.

“I’m a little scared about how the world is going to use the gas.

I’m a bit worried about how much energy it takes to get the gas out,” Icahn said.

CNBCMoney’s Carl Ochs reported: “Icahn’s view on fracking has taken a sharp shift from ‘disgored’ to ‘disappointed’ in the way that the gas was being used.”

CBO reports: Cboe’s National Gas Market Intelligence Center released its second quarter 2017 results on Thursday, showing that the industry’s gas prices increased for the first time since 2014.

Gas prices rose by 8 cents a gallon to $1.22 per thousand cubic feet (mmcf), while the price of oil dropped by 4 cents to $49.89 per barrel.

As the price rise, the cost of gas fell 1.4% to $2.98 per thousand gallon.

The increase in gas prices came after U.S. energy prices surged to an 11-year high in December.

Despite the spike in energy prices, the economy has also grown in the past few years, especially in the energy sector.

Last year, the U.K. recorded its first monthly rise in job growth, as the country’s unemployment rate dropped to a record low.

However, there are signs of weakness in the U-S.

economy, with the unemployment rate continuing to rise and the number of jobs in the sector rising.

It’s still possible the U.-S.

could be on track to have its longest economic expansion in history.

In February, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned of “catastrophic” climate change, and the U in March urged world leaders to take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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